Brian M. Ramsey, Attorney at Law

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I'm here to fight for your rights

Knowledge is power. Lack of knowledge of your legal rights  can cost you financially, deprive you of rights and privileges and leave you tied up in court for hours on end. When you get done with court you may not even know what happened. 

Your legal history provides few opportunities clean your slate. Your legal record stays with you for life. Guard it carefully.

I became an attorney after being in a catastrophic car accident. When that event became a law suit I quickly realized that I was at the mercy of the legal system. That event demonstrated to me the importance of legal representation. That event made me want to become an attorney so I could help other people make their way through the legal system.

As your attorney I know the right people to talk to, the right questions to ask and the right process that must be followed to provide the court with the information that will support your legal argument.