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Are Debt Collectors Calling? Are Creditors threatening lawsuits? Are creditors trying to garnish your wages?

If you or you and your spouse have reached the point where you just can't pay your bills no matter how hard you try, you may need to consider Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a process that allows people to get a fresh start when they are so deep in debt they cannot see any possible way of paying off their debts.

Unemployment, medical bills for serious health problems, and other disasters can cause people to file bankruptcy. I can help you with the bankruptcy process that will get you the debt relief you need.

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Person Injury Claims arise when you or someone else gets hurt due to the negligent or intentional act of someone else.

  • Typically Personal Injury Claims arise from:
  • Car accidents, slips and falls and injuries due to dangerous conditions.
  • Someone being careless about what they are doing that results in the injury of another person.
  • Dog bites.
  • Intentional acts that cause injuries such as fights.

I REPRESENT MOST DISABILITY CLAIMS ON A CONTINGENCY BASIS.  I ONLY EARN A CONTINGENCY FEE WHEN I WIN YOUR CASE. (There must be measurable costs associated with your injury such as lost income, medical expenses, pain and suffering, reduction in your ability to participate in activities you previously participated in and enjoy.

of benefits / payments from which to pay the attorney fee)

Patience and refusal to give up are the most important important traits a disabled person needs to get his or her benefits. If you give up on your claim it can cost tens of thousands of dollars. 

If you don't appeal a decision that denies your claim you lose your rights to disability benefits FOREVER!  

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Divorce, Child Support, Custody, Shared Debts, Individual Debts, Homes, Cars, Boats, etc. all make the process of Divorce, Dissolution, Separation a complicated situation that requires attention to details and knowledge of the rules.

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As an attorney I have represented truck drivers and others since 1991.  Just paying a traffic tickets leads to points on your driver's license. Points on your driver's license can cause your insurance rates to skyrocket. 

Too many points on your license can cause you to lose your license.  Too many points on your drivers license can cause you to lose your job or company car privileges, etc.


The Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) does spot checks to see if car owners have their cars insured. The BMV will suspend your Drivers's License if it finds that your Auto Insurance has lapsed even if the car is disabled. If a car is not insured it cannot be driven for any reason.

If you get hurt while doing your job you may be entitled to Workers Compensation Benefits for lost time from employment, medical expenses and pain and suffering. 

If your employer denies your work related injury claim you need the help of an expert to prove your claim. You need someone to speak on your behalf. 

Employers almost always have advocates. You should also have your own advocate because what you don't know may cost you everything.


Attorney Fees are based upon the amount of benefits that accumulated during the time between when you became disabled and the time your benefits were approved. 

A SOCIAL SECURITY CLAIM REQUIRES A LOT OF PATIENCE. Patience and refusal to give up are extremely important to the outcome of your claim.  If you give up on your claim it can cost tens of thousands of dollars. You could even lose benefits FOREVER.

SOCIAL SECURITY is a government benefit designed to help people who are disabled for a year or longer from all types of employment.

Even with an attorney it may take two years (and sometimes longer) for your Social Security Claim to make it through the Social Security Claims Process.

Tens of thousands of people every year lose their Social Benefits Claims simply because they don't know how the process works.

I understand that process. I have been very successful in representing Social Security Claimants for 25 years.

Contact me so I can help you with your claim.

People make mistakes.  Ohio law severely punishes people who drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  However, even if you are convicted of DUI there are still many things a competent lawyer can do to help you.

Breathalyzer tests frequently provide conclusive evidence of DUI.

Refusing breathalyzer or urinalysis triggers a two year automatic Administrative License Suspension through the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Drug intoxication is determined through urinalysis or blood analysis.

If you are convicted of Driving Under the Influence you can be sentenced from a minimum of three days or up to six months in jail and up to a One Thousand Dollar ($1,000.00) fine.  You will have to obtain high risk insurance and your license will be suspended for six months.

If you are accused of committing a crime you need an attorney to defend you. Even if you are guilty.

Unrepresented Defendants almost always receive harsher penalties than a Defendant with a representative.

Unrepresented Defendants frequently plea guilty to a higher degree of offense than Defendants who are represented.

A Defendant needs to know what effect a guilty plea or no contest plea may have on his or her permanent record. 

Don't go to jail if you don't have to.